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Important Information, Standard Terms and
Conditions and Service Guide

I.Important Information

We are legally obliged to provide you with the following information before you place an order.

  1. The product description gives the main features of each item in our catalogue/Online Shop or in our current advertising.
  2. All important information about our company, including our business address, and for your communication with us, including the languages available for any contract concluded, are given in Sections II.1 and 2 below.
  3. The total price of the goods is the price shown in our catalogue/Online Shop or in our current advertising. In respect of prices, please also refer to Section II.7. Shipping costs, which depend on the weight of the goods, must be added to the price shown. Precise information concerning shipping costs can be found in Section II.2 and the references there.
  4. Our conditions of payment and delivery of goods and services are given in Sections II.2 - 17. In Section II.2 you can also find the time required to deliver the goods to you. For claims regarding goods delivered, please refer to Section II.10.
  5. Your statutory warranty rights apply to the goods you have ordered. For details, please refer to Sections II.8 and 9.
  6. All important information about your right to cancel is given in Section II.12.
  7. Additional information for Contracts in electronic commerce
    1. The individual technical steps leading to conclusion of the contract are described for you in Section II.2.
    2. Once the contract has been concluded, we save the text of the contract, including the Standard Terms and Conditions, for our own purposes. If you place an order in our Online Shop, the details of your purchase are shown in the acknowledgement of receipt that we send to you by email upon receipt of your order. You have an obligation to permanently save or to print out this acknowledgement of order so that you always have the content of the contract, once concluded, available to you in a permanent form. You can save the subsequent contract by saving the email containing our acknowledgement.
    3. With regard to recognising and correcting any input errors, we draw your attention to the following. For your order in our Online Shop, you have placed your chosen goods in the shopping basket. There you will also find an overview of all the goods you have placed in the shopping basket and the exact shipping costs. Then, please click the “Go to checkout“ button. In the page which then opens, please enter your personal details. Then click “Go to method of payment“. There, please select your chosen method of payment, and then click “Go to order overview“. Here you can view all your selected goods and all the details you have entered, and check for any input errors. To make corrections, you can now click “Change“ or “Back“. Is everything correct now? It is only when you click “Now buy“ that you make a binding offer to buy the goods.
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II.Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Company

Company and summonable address:

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2. Ordering, conclusion of contract and delivery

The goods presented in our catalogue/Online Shop or in our current advertising, including a detailed description, do not represent a binding offer by us to you. When you place an order with us in writing, by telephone or electronically (e.g. by email) or in any other form, you are making a legally binding offer to us. Likewise, as a rule, you are making us a legally binding offer when you enter the requested information in any of the online order forms in our Online Shop and conclude by clicking the "Now buy" button. In contrast, merely saving goods temporarily in the shopping basket does not constitute a legally binding offer on your part.
Only if you place an order via our Online Shop will we send you an acknowledgement of receipt by email. This email is only intended to inform you that your order has been received, and it gives the details of your order. This acknowledgement of receipt does not constitute acceptance of your offer. The contract of sale with you only comes about subject to these Standard Terms and Conditions once we have dispatched the articles you have ordered, which constitutes acceptance of your offer. The purchase agreement is already concluded with our payment request, which we send you by email or letter pursuant to subsection 4.5, only if you select the “Payment in advance” option. Within Germany, ordered and available goods will be delivered within 1-4 working days after we receive your order, or full payment if payment in advance has been selected. We accept no liability for adhering to this delivery time unless a failure to do so is intentional or due to gross negligence on our part.
If you already have a customer number, please specify it in the order. Please write clearly, preferably in block capitals, so as to avoid reading or transmission errors – thank you! We always deliver by post to your home address. Delivery to a PO box is not possible. There is no minimum order value. Within Germany, we make a standard flat rate shipping charge of €4.95 up to a full 30 kg parcel weight. This increases by €4.95 for each additional 30 kg.
We always deliver on account (subject to creditworthiness). If a credit check reveals that you are not regarded as creditworthy, we reserve the right to refuse your order or to only deliver against payment in advance (Section 4.5).
In case of delivery delays or should your order not be deliverable in whole or in part, we shall inform you promptly in each case and refund any payments already received from you without delay. Under no circumstances would we send you a replacement article, even if it was of an equivalent quality and price.
For international deliveries, please refer to Section 5 below. With respect to the applicable flat rate shipping charge, please take note of the information on page 769 or in our Online Shop under “Shipping costs”. Customs charges may be payable in addition. Your local customs authorities can provide you with details.
All correspondence with us should be in German; this also applies to conclusion of the contract of sale. In our Online Shop you can also use English.

» More information about shipping costs

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3. Later delivery

If, with your consent, we deliver additional parts of your order at a later date, you will receive these without any postage and packaging costs. For this later delivery, we set a minimum single item value for each destination country (e.g. in Germany from €10). If the price of the goods is lower than this (or you do not consent to later delivery), we ask you to order the item(s) when it (they) become(s) (fully) available again.

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4. Payment types - domestic

1. Purchase on account

We deliver on account (subject to credit check). By placing your order, you authorise us to carry out the necessary credit check to rule out a credit risk (see further information thereto under privacy policy) and you pay within 14 days from the date of the invoice by bank transfer to our account.

2. PayPal

If you have a PayPal account, you can pay easily, safely and with a few clicks by PayPal in our online shop. PayPal transfers the amount immediately after you approve the payment with PayPal.


Please state the full credit card number and the expiry date. As long as the card is valid, we will debit future invoice amounts from your credit card account. The invoice amount is charged to your credit account when the ordered goods are dispatched. In the event of an account block or of a cheque being dishonoured, we will deliver your order after payment in advance.

4. COD

You pay a fee of €6.90 in addition to the total amount of your order plus general delivery cost (as of 03/2018).

5. Payment in advance

On receipt of order, you will receive an e-mail or letter from us with exact details of the total amount of your order incl. shipping costs and terms of payment, as well as our bank details. Only then should you transfer this total amount to our bank account. Once we have received the total amount your order will be assembled and dispatched to you.

6. Instalment purchase and pay later plan

Do you want to buy now and pay later? We offer you two simple choices with a minimum purchase value of EUR 199. You can find details of our Louis instalment purchase and Louis buy now pay later plan in our catalogue on page 349, or in our online shop at "https://www.louis.ie/service/kaufen-und-versenden/ratenkauf".

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5. Modes of payment abroad

In accordance with subsection 4, we deliver to Austria and Switzerland on account, by PayPal, against payment by credit card or payment in advance. To the Netherlands we further deliver against payment by iDEAL. To other countries by PayPal and against payment in advance. Payment by credit card is also possible for deliveries to the following countries: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta (M), Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine. Any applicable bank charges are borne by yourself.

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6. Retention of title

We reserve the title to the supplied goods until their purchase price has been paid in full. Until then you are obliged to handle the goods with care and leave them in your care, not sell them or otherwise dispose of ownership thereof. In the event of attempts by third parties, particularly bailiffs, to seize the goods you must point out our ownership and notify us in writing immediately so that we can assert our rights of ownership. If your conduct is in breach of the contract, especially in the event of payment default, we are entitled to demand surrender of the goods provided we have withdrawn from the contract.

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7. Prices

1. In Germany

For purchases or deliveries to customers in Germany only the prices specified in euro in our catalogue/Online Shop and in the current advertising at the time of your order apply; pricing errors therein are reserved. All prices are inclusive of the statutory value added tax currently standing at 7% or 19% and are exclusive of shipping costs, the amounts of which are listed above in Section 2.

2. Abroad

For purchases by and deliveries to customers who are outside Germany but still within the European Union (EU), we are obliged to charge VAT at the statutory rate applicable in the particular country. As VAT rates vary from country to country, the prices charged may differ from those shown in our catalogue/online shop and in the current advertising at the time of your order. For purchases by and deliveries to customers outside the European Union (EU), we charge no VAT; e.g. in Switzerland or Russia you must pay the applicable customs duty and VAT to the national post office on delivery of the goods. In such cases, the German VAT (currently 7% or 19%) included in our advertised prices is omitted.
All prices are exclusive of shipping costs, which are listed in our catalogue on page 769 and in our online shop under "Shipping costs".

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8. Guarantee

The statutory provisions apply to your order; according thereto you are entitled, as the buyer, if goods are surrendered to you in a defective state, to demand subsequent performance at no cost to you in the form of rectification of defects or delivery of a flawless item, i.e. the goods will be repaired without any problems or replaced in full. If the subsequent performance option you choose would lead to unreasonably high costs, we are entitled to reject it and choose the other option unless this also entails unreasonably high costs.
By law the warranty period is two years from surrender of the goods to you as our customer.

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9. Liability

Our liability for compensation, on whatever legal grounds (especially for delay or defects), is limited to the contractually typical, foreseeable damage. This liability restriction does not apply to our liability due to intent or gross negligence, for guaranteed quality characteristics, due to loss of life, personal injury or illness or under the German Product Liability Law.

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10. Claims

The quick and easy way to make a claim is to go to the store where you purchased the goods. Naturally, you can also make claims about goods purchased by mail order in every Louis store, except our store(s) in Switzerland, or you can make a claim online about goods purchased in a Louis store in Germany or Austria.
For goods purchased in our store(s) in Switzerland, please only make your claim there.

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11. Contactability

Mail order is usually the fastest way to place your order (if there is no Louis store near you). You can contact us easily by internet, e-mail, telephone, fax or postcard. We are at your service round the clock, 365 days a year (no answering machine). Besides this round-the-clock order acceptance service, you can contact us at our head office ideally during core office hours from Monday to Thursday 9.30 am to 3.30 pm and on Fridays until 1.00 pm. Naturally, we are also available outside these times, but the flexitime system allows our staff to arrange their working hours flexibly.

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12. Right of cancellation

Only consumers are entitled to the statutory right of revocation. Pursuant to section 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB) a consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for a purpose that can predominantly neither be attributed to their commercial nor their independent professional activities. You are provided below with information on the prerequisites and consequences of the statutory right of revocation for mail order purchases. A contractual granting of rights going beyond the law is not associated therewith.

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12.1 Instructions on cancellation

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12.2 Exceptions to the right of cancellation

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12.3 Specimen cancellation form

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13. Extended right of return as our extra service

Any product purchased from us can be exchanged or returned for a refund of the purchase price within 2 years (from the date on the proof of purchase), provided it is still complete, new (unused), in its original packaging and unsoiled. If the current retail price of the product is lower, we will only refund this lower amount.
Please enclose your proof of purchase with all returns! If possible, tick the reason for return on the return form. There is no obligation to do this, but it will enable us to rectify any weaknesses and improve our service. The address for your returns is: Detlev Louis Motorrad-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Customer Service, 21027 Hamburg, Germany.

Please note that this is a special service which far exceeds our statutory duties. This extended right of return does not affect your statutory rights. In particular, your statutory right of cancellation (Section 12) and your statutory warranty rights (Section 8) apply additionally and in full.
Excluded from this extended right of return are books, videos, maps, CDs, DVDs, data carriers and software (because they become out of date or expire), batteries (due to ageing even when not used) and all disposable articles.

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14. Purchase receipts

Please keep all your purchase receipts! They are important as proof of purchase for claims or for insurance in the event of theft. Your orders are stored in our system. Should you lose your documents for your orders, please contact us by email/fax/telephone.
We are happy to send you a copy of the data pertaining to your order. You have access to copies of your invoices at all times under the closed user group "My Louis" in our online shop.

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15. Place of jurisdiction, Choice of law

If you are a consumer who is not domiciled within the European Union (EU), our registered office is the place of jurisdiction. German law applies exclusively to all claims between you and us unless in the case of a consumer agreement based on this choice of law the protection granted to you due to the mandatory provisions of the law of the EU state in which you have your habitual residence is withdrawn.

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16. Advice on out-of-court dispute resolution for consumers

III.Service Guide

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7. General Information

Various services may differ outside Germany due to the national legislation applicable there or not be rendered for that reason. Upon publication of this catalogue all other catalogues cease to be valid. All illustrations of the goods we offer, e.g. in catalogues or on product pages, are non-binding. Illustrated accessories are not included in the delivery contents unless expressly described to the contrary.

Correct: 12/2017
No liability is accepted for misprints or errors.

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