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Review: 1 out of 5

Written on 09.08.2019 21:15

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Used item and unsafe packaging

Received the parcel with the helmet completely loose without any protective packaging. It was not in the original manufacturer box and there were several signs that the helmet had been used/tried before. A drop of a helmet by the shipping company or anyone else, can result in damage of the integrity of the helmet and cannot be spotted by the naked eye. Therefore it is important that it is safely packaged. Louis ignored this and in doing so could endanger the life of the purchaser in the event of a motorcycle accident. My trust in Louis is completely lost because of this negligence. I have contacted their customer service and they will do a refund, but I wanted to warn potential buyers that they may end up getting the helmet that I am sending back and which should really be sold as a used or potentially defect helmet with all the risks associated.

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Thank you for your review. We regret the inadequate packaging of your shipping order - of course this is not the rule and we apologize for the impression which we has left. In principle, we check every return very carefully after receipt to ensure that it is still saleable - so there is no risk for potential buyers, to recieve a already damaged item. We will contact you shortly to discuss the case with you and offer a good solution to the inconvenience.

Review: 1 out of 5

Written on 01.05.2019 14:42

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Would not want it even for free

Soft against face
Sharp 5 stars
Light (1290g)

Loud as hell!!!
I didn't want to believe other opinions, but... Wind noise is so loud it is difficult to ride and concentrate. Ears humming with only 50 km. Wind screen helps, but side wind is still horrible. Engine noise, road noise, passing cars noise...
The sizing.
I have all previous helmets XS (Shoei, Caberg, Held, Schuberth...) so I also bought this in XS. Too small, pressures everywhere, the chin strap painfully squeezes jaw. And I did try S, was too loose. Confusing sizing!

Good "on paper" but completely not usable in real life!
Paid 200 euros and would like to just throw it in trash.

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Dear Margit, if the helmet is too loud for you on your bike, you can send it back to us for refunding, as long it is as good as new after one test ride. With best regards Your Louis team