Procycle Tyre Repair CONTAINS: 400 ML

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Procycle Tyre Repair CONTAINS: 400 ML

PROCYCLE Tyre Repair Spray:

Keep this spray with you and you'll never be stuck if you suddenly get a flat tyre. Fixes punctures quickly, cleanly and effortlessly without removing the wheel. Its special formulation seals any holes in the tyre and, at the same time, the compressed gas in the can pumps your tyre up again. It is suitable for all types of tyre (with inner tube or tubeless) on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, caravans etc. Being latex-based, this product is totally safe for both tyre and rim. Be sure to take it with you on every trip! Frost-resistant down to -5°C

Produced in Germany by brand manufacturers.

Contains: 400 ml

How to use:

Check the tread of the tyre and, if possible, remove any foreign bodies such as screws, nails, small stones etc. that may have been the cause of the puncture. Now let all the air out. Next, turn the wheel until the valve is at the 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock position. If the air temperature is cold (below 5°C) you should first warm the can for around 2 minutes (e.g. in your hands). Then shake the can hard for at least 1 minute. Next, remove the protective tab from the spray head. Wipe the tyre valve clean and screw the connector at the end of the transparent tube firmly onto the tyre valve. Holding the can upright, press the spray head firmly with your index finger until the tyre is properly inflated again. You should now immediately drive carefully and at moderate speed (10 to 15 km/h at most) to distribute the product evenly inside the tyre. Go straight to the nearest motorcycle workshop and have the damaged tyre replaced. Re-check the pressure periodically because even a seemingly straightforward puncture may in fact be associated with serious damage to either the tyre or inner tube.

Danger. Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container: may burst if heated.

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