Garmin TMC pro receiver
for Zumo 340/350/390LM

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Manufacturer details: Garmin

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Garmin is the World's leading mobile navigation device company with portable solutions that serve the automotive, outdoor & fitness, marine and aviation sectors. Garmin is one of the most experienced manufacturers of GPS technology with branches in the USA, Taiwan and Europe. Garmin typically carries out all development and production in-house, which it regards as crucial for ensuring its high quality standards. Garmin has also been a pioneer of the motor cycle navigation sector for many years and boasts an impressive range of innovative products.


FOR ZUMO 340/350/390LM

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  • Garmin TMC pro receiver
    for Zumo 340/350/390LM

    TMC premium* receiver for the Garmin zumo 340LM/350LM and 390LM.

    The Garmin premium* receiver with integrated lifetime TMC premium* license provides effective, high quality traffic data to your Garmin satnav. The TMC premium* receiver is simply connected to the satnav USB connector of 340LM/350LM/390LM and supplies it with power via the cigarette lighter plug. The TMC premium* receiver uses a fully automatic FM scanner to search for all receivable TMC premium* signals, and supplies them to the GPS sat nav for optimum route calculation.
    The TMC premium* receiver receives the radio traffic signal via a wire antenna.

    Advantages of TMC premium* compaired to TMC:
    Reception of RDS signals from private radiostations, data interpretation from over 4000 datasensors on motorway bridges, over 5000 integrated sensor loops and over 50.000 cars with FCD (floating car data) systems.

    Attention: Only suitable in combination with the car mount.

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