Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Oiler

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In the early stages, there were plenty of interesting ideas from driving and motorcycle lovers. Prototypes were created, but they often had to incorprate many, often contradictory demands into a single machine. Gradually, however, the idea of creating a lubrication system became a reality. This highly durable system, which can be fitted regardless of the design of the motorcycle, is ideal for lubricating the chain and significantly prolongs its life. It is simple to operate, functions in all conditions around the world and has minimal operating costs and no maintenance.

Elegant, functional and bringing a new approach to chain maintenance, this is NEMO 2, the first of the company's products.

COBRRA constantly develops, tests and prepares new interesting products that bring a new dimension and high quality to the motorcycle world every time.

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  • Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Oiler

    Lubricating the chain drive is not exactly a favourite activity for bikers whose vehicles have this drive. However, with the *NEMO 2* chain oiler from Cobrra, it's no problem at all. With this, the chain is almost automatically oiled and maintained. The system is suitable for all chain types.

    It operates on the compression principle. Oil is pressed through the supply hose to the pipette via manually generated pressure in the dispenser. It drips from there onto the chain and is distributed evenly throughout the ride.

    The *NEMO 2* is usually fitted to the handlebars in a practical manner and remains permanently attached to the vehicle. Turn the wheel on the dispenser by 90° in the direction of the arrow and in about 3 minutes the chain will be lubricated for up to 350 km.

    Other features and functions:

    • Significant extension of the operating life of chains and sprockets
    • Saves a significant amount of time for cleaning and lubricating in comparison to manual chain maintenance
    • Fixed mounting without interfering with electronics or the design of the motorcycle. No workshop costs.
    • Comfortable operation while driving
    • Lubrication interruption function for unplanned stops during the lubrication process
    • Compatible with common 80W-90 gear oils
    • One *NEMO 2* refill guarantees chain lubrication for up to 5,000 km.
    • Clean and easily accessible oil refilling directly from the large bottle
    • Filling level always in view when mounting on handlebars
    • Made of CNC-milled aluminium
    • Tank dimensions: Diameter 54mm, height 41mm
    • Capacity: approx. 30 ml
    • Comprises: Cobrra *NEMO 2* chain oiler oil dispenser, supply hose, supply pipette and mounting set.

    Important note:
    If the container is opened, it must also be fully refilled in order to rebuild the necessary pressure.